Shipping market expectations 2022

If your company is looking to send employees on short or long term overseas assignments in 2022, it is worth noting that freight costs will be increasing substantially in March. This is a result of the continued difficulties being experienced with shipping freight around the world, port congestion, lack of hauliers and irregular sailings.

It is also worth noting that the increased cost does not automatically mean that reliability offered by shipping lines is going to improve. There are many different eventualities that can cause delays and subsequent additional charges, ranging from the shipping line rejecting a booking because they no longer offer the required port, to the vessel being unable to discharge due to congestion.

It is understandable for clients to blame this on the HHG’s moving company, however, in nearly all of the different scenarios which involve increased delays and costs, it is the shipping line or their appointed agents that are at fault.

Overall, an honest outlook for 2022 is not the most positive and the difficulties experienced throughout 2021 look like they are with us for a little while longer. The current challenges associated with international shipping can ultimately affect the assignees overall experience, so it is worth setting their expectations beforehand. Having said all of this, GB Liners will alleviate as much stress as possible through a single point of contact throughout, open and honest communication and the provision of storage facilities.

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