GB Liners specialise in all aspects of corporate moving and relocation, providing a suite of services to assist companies coordinating their mobile workforce either across the globe or around the corner.

Founded in Brighton in 1923 as a traditional household goods moving company, we are proud to have grown to 11 offices across the UK, through a mix of acquisition and new start ups. Together with our Trusted Global Partners, GB Liners has become a successful provider of moving and relocation services to a wide range of corporate clients. We pride ourselves on our flexibility; transparency; integrity and consistently providing best value for money, with only the very highest of standards.

We understand how important it is to choose the right company to manage the transfer of your employees; one that you can trust to fulfil the entire process, whilst also keeping within policy, time restraints and, of course, budget. This will be coordinated through a single point of contact, therefore keeping your employees happy and focussed on their work.

Corporate Moving Services

Peace of Mind

GB Liners has more than 90 years’ experience of relocating individuals and their families. During this time we have helped relocate literally tens of thousands of people but have never forgetten that, just like our clients, every move is different. The services we provide and the way in which they are delivered are designed to be tailored to your policy and the requirements of your assignees. We do not believe in ‘one size fits all’.

Our reputation is our most valuable asset, with a vast majority of our business growing from recommendations and referrals. Understanding this, and not taking it for granted, is key to providing high quality and cost effective solutions to a wide range of requirements.

The Association of Relocation Professionals - GB Liners Corporate Affiliation
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GB Liners is a proud member of Harmony Relocation Network. Harmony is a global network of locally owned relocation companies, upholding strong family values through generations of heritage. We are a network of committed partners, brought together in one truly global and solid infrastructure with cutting edge technology, an ISO-tested quality system and leading sustainability criteria