To strengthen these relationships, GB Liners are proud shareholder members of the Harmony Relocation Network (formerly UTS International). Harmony is a global network of locally owned relocation companies, upholding strong family values through generations of heritage. Our network consists of committed partners, brought together in one truly global and solid infrastructure with cutting edge technology, an ISO-tested quality system and leading sustainability criteria.

Our membership to the Harmony network provides GB Liners with a formal global footprint around the world. Founded in 1992, it now consists of over 140 members in 60 countries, across 6 continents, providing the same level of high quality services, local expertise and personal commitment.

Together with our FIDI and OMNI memberships, GB Liners offer a truly global reach providing, not only a high level of quality, but also a choice of best in class providers at destination. This, in turn, allows GB Liners to offer a wide range of services to meet varying budgets.