GB Liners do not tolerate bribery or corruption in any form and the company strictly prohibits the offering, giving, solicitation or the acceptance of any bribe or corrupt inducement. Through our FIDI FAIM accreditation, GB Liners are proud to adhere to The Bribery Act 2010. We closely monitor our supply chain; reciprocal agreements are never acceptable unless they are a legitimate business arrangement and properly documented. We are, of course, subject to competition law in all aspects of our operations and employees are aware that activities such as agreements to fix prices, or not to bid for certain business or in certain geographical areas are strictly prohibited. Furthermore, we are committed to providing safe, clean and pleasant working conditions for our staff. In accordance with our Equal Opportunities Policy, we are firmly committed to providing equal opportunity in all aspect of employment and will not tolerate any discrimination or harassment. A copy of GB Liners Anti Bribery & Corruption, Code of Ethics, Environmental and CSR policies are all available upon request.

Post Brexit – As everyone is aware, from January 1st 2021, UK is no longer a member of the EU. This therefore means we must adhere to and respect even more rules and regulations when moving to/from the European Union, to ensure that we uphold our reputation and furthermore, provide a top rate service for the assignee. The regulations range from arranging customs clearance to ensuring we carry the correct vehicle documentation.