Concierge Services

Often, especially when moving overseas, there are a number of items that cannot be shipped for various reasons or some items may need to be left behind in order to keep your shipment within the allowance you receive from your employer. One solution is our ‘Donate & Discard’ service – unwanted items are set aside during the packing, taken away by the crew, consolidated at our warehouse and delivered to a number of charity partners.

Similarly to above, prior to selling your home, you may want to temporarily remove some items in order present your home in the best possible light. We therefore offer a ‘De-Clutter’ service, where we take away and look after any unwanted items for a short period of time.

Finally, to top off the move, we can arrange a maid service to place all your goods away in cupboards, make your beds and set up your kitchen ready for your first night in your new home… They’ll even leave a mint on your pillow!

Corporate Moving Services