Overseas relocation – Scotland to United States

2020 was a very complex year and it included a very complex overseas relocation for GB Liners, on behalf of a client whom we had imported just a couple of years previously.

“I’d like to commend the entire team at GB Liners, for being absolutely spectacular to work with on our recent return move from the UK to the USA. We were fortunate to use GB Liners on our initial trip from the US to the UK, so we already knew of the high quality of service you provide, and it made the choice to use GB Liners again very easy. I would recommend GB Liners without hesitation. The company should be very proud of the team they have, and recognize that they are the reason for our repeat business! I’ve been a stressed out mess for 3 days but they’ve been really solid and helped me keep things together”                                               ”

Moving is stressful, but moving you and your family to the other side of the world, during a pandemic, to start a new role, takes it to another level. Our clients’ residence was a second floor apartment, with no lift, in Central Edinburgh, they also had a storage facility elsewhere which needed to be included. The pack therefore took the best part of a week before the 40ft shipping container was loaded and shipped to the States. On top of this, we also had to arrange for the delivery of a baby grand piano, which was already being stored in the US, but 200 miles away from the destination address.  This was to be delivered in conjunction with the shipping container, which was arriving from Scotland.

Our client was keen to use GB Liners again, after the positive experience they had in 2018. The complexities and stress that this relocation generated, was helped by the fact that the entire process was co-ordinated through our corporate account co-ordinator, who provided a single point of contact throughout. This resulted in another positive and successful relocation for a repeat client.

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